Embracing the Future: The Rise of Microschools and Self-Directed Learning

In recent years, education freedom advocates have observed a growing trend towards innovative and flexible learning models, including microschools and self-directed learning. Pioneering schools such as the long-established Sudbury Valley School and the newer Life Skills Academy and One Stone have taken the initiative to reshape the educational landscape by expanding families’ access to a personalized, student-centered education. These models empower … Read more

Announcing the Education Freedom Legal Network

yes. every kid. foundation. (YESF), in partnership with EdChoice, hosts the Education Freedom Legal Network. The purpose of this network is to bring together like-minded attorneys, policymakers, and legal scholars to connect and discuss the pressing legal issues affecting education in our nation. We are aligned on a vision that every kid is capable, is worthy … Read more

Innovation in School Design

A recent report from Transcend, a national organization focused on innovation in school design, surveyed more than 100 education providers and experts to identify “instructive lessons for extraordinary learning.” Stand Together Trust reported on three key findings from the report regarding innovative education models. Key finding 1: Promising education models were fueled by powerful agreements … Read more

How does your state rank for open enrollment?

A recent report from Reason Foundation found that only 11 states have mandatory open enrollment laws, while 26 states allow public schools to charge tuition to public school transfer students. “In the United States, school assignments are determined by families’ residences, casting unseen dividing lines in communities throughout the country. These government-imposed district boundaries or … Read more

Public schools see enrollment decline post-Covid

According to The 74, California state data projects at least 10% drops in student enrollment in public schools over the next decade. Similarly, a study from Tyton Partners shows a 9% decrease in families reporting their children are enrolled in public schools. “[M]ost students exited their district public schools to enroll in charter schools and … Read more