How Many Arizona Kids Choose Their Education?

Education choice is becoming increasingly central in discussions about how best to meet the diverse needs of students across the United States. Arizona is at the forefront of this movement, empowering families with the freedom to choose the best educational paths for their children. With more than 41% of K-12 students choosing their education, Arizona’s … Read more

North Carolinians Support Universal Public School Access

A new poll by yes. every kid. foundation. finds that North Carolinians strongly support expanding education freedom in the Tar Heel state—empowering families with universal access to public schools and a greater ability to customize each child’s education to be more amenable to their unique needs.   Three-quarters of North Carolinians believe that change is … Read more

Navigating Change: The Dynamic Landscape of Education

As the educational landscape undergoes significant transformation, the decline in public school enrollment may seem concerning at first glance. However, this shift merely heralds an era of increased choice and innovation, offering profound benefits for families and students alike. Reports from The 74 on national school enrollment declines and the potential risk of school closures … Read more

The Path Forward: Navigating the Shift in School Enrollments

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed a significant transformation in the American education landscape, revealing a marked decline in public school enrollments and spotlighting the rise of alternative education options. A comprehensive report by The Hamilton Project details the profound shifts experienced across public elementary and middle schools, with notable declines particularly in urban and high-poverty … Read more

Beyond the Classroom: ESAs Empower Families to Learn and Play Anywhere

In today’s evolving educational landscape, the versatility of Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program to cover sports fees and other public school offerings heralds a significant departure from the traditional view of learning as confined to the classroom.  As families seek out options to craft their kids’ education, public schools are a critical part of … Read more

Zoning Relief for Florida Private Schools 

For education entrepreneurs looking to open or operate a private school, finding a viable and affordable location to house a school is often very challenging. Thanks to a new bill that will amend private school regulations in Florida, some relief is on the horizon. HB 1285 will amend Florida Statute 1002.42 to enable private schools … Read more

OP-ED: Closure of West Virginia Microschool Is a Lesson in Accountability

When Hive Learning Academy didn’t keep its promises, parents moved their kids to other schools. District families don’t have that option. By Matt FrendeweyThis story first appeared at The 74, a nonprofit news site covering education. Sign up for free newsletters from The 74 to get more like this in your inbox. When The Hive … Read more

A Positive Shift: How Iowa’s Enrollment Trends Celebrate Family Agency in Education

In a significant development for education in Iowa, the latest enrollment figures for the 2023-24 school year from the Iowa Department of Education reveal a heartening trend. These numbers, especially in the context of the new Students First Education Savings Account (ESA) program, are not just statistics; they are a testament to the rising power … Read more

Clark on American Potential Podcast

Executive Director of yes. every kid. foundation., Andrew Clark, recently joined host Jeff Crank to discuss the transformative shift in K-12 education away from top-down dictates and towards individualized learning. They discussed how encouraging entrepreneurship and reducing the barriers to creating new options for families can foster an environment where education is personalized and efficient. … Read more

Education Entrepreneur Freedom Index

In response to the growing demand for alternative education options that cater to the individual needs of children, education entrepreneurs (also known as “edupreneurs”) are developing unconventional learning environments. These range from microschools and homeschool co-ops to tutoring centers and learning pods. The Education Entrepreneur Freedom Index aims to identify how regulations impact edupreneurs and to highlight key differences … Read more