Vermont has one private school choice program, a town tuitioning program.

Vermont offers K–12 students and their families some types of school choice, including one private school choice program, magnet schools, home schooling and inter-district and intra-district public school choice via open enrollment policies.

Town Tuitioning Program

  • Vermont’s Town Tuitioning Program was launched in 1869, making it the oldest school choice program. The school voucher program provides educational options for students whose towns do not have public schools. The sending town pays school tuition directly to the “receiving” school, which can be any public or private, non-religious school in or outside Vermont.
  • Launched in 1869

Program Rules:

    • Income Limit: None
    • Prior Year Public School Requirement: None
    • Geographic Limit: District (without elementary or high school)
    • Enrollment Cap: None
    • Voucher Cap: $15,295 (K–6) /$16,752 (7–12)
    • Testing Mandates: None

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