West Virginia

West Virginia is home to one of the most expansive education savings account programs in the country.

West Virginia offers K–12 students and their families a number of school choice options—an education savings account (ESA) program, homeschooling and intra-district and inter-district public school choice via open enrollment. West Virginia does not have magnet schools or charter schools.

Hope Scholarship Program

  • West Virginia’s Hope Scholarship Program is an education savings account (ESA) that allows eligible parents to receive the average per-pupil state funding already set aside for their children’s education onto an electronic, parent-controlled fund for educational expenses.
  • Enacted 2021

Program Rules:

    • Income Limit: None
    • Prior Year Public School Requirement: Yes
    • Geographic Limit: Statewide
    • Enrollment Cap: No
    • Account Cap: 100 percent average per pupil aid
    • Testing Mandates: Nationally norm-referenced tests (individualized instruction students)

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