Fund Every Kid

Fund Every Kid.

It’s time to modernize the way we fund public education.  Every family should be empowered with the funding they need to pursue the education that’s best for their children.  We know every student is unique with their own unique interests and needs.  Families are best situated to work with educators to decide how to best meet those needs.  We should provide every family with equitable funding so that they can have access to every educational option.

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Fund Every Kid Student Participation Rates

Note: Figures are based on available state data and estimates

Arizona: 6.6% Florida: 5.6%
Wisconsin: 5.2% Vermont: 4.2%
Idaho: 3.9% Ohio: 3.7%
Pennsylvania: 3.3% Iowa: 2.2%
Maine: 2.2%
District of Columbia: 2.0%
New Hampshire: 1.2%
North Carolina: 1.2%
Louisiana: 1.1% Georgia: 1.1%
South Dakota: 0.6%
Oklahoma: 0.5%
Alabama: 0.4%
Rhode Island: 0.4%
Illinois: 0.3%
South Carolina: 0.3%
Virginia: 0.3% Nevada: 0.3%
Maryland: 0.2% Kansas: 0.2%
Mississippi: 0.1% Utah: 0.1%