Family-friendly Policy Implementation

yes. every kid. foundation. understands that policy change is only part of the solution. Governments have a long history of implementing new policy into education programs that prioritize their user experience over the experience of families and education entrepreneurs.

yes. every kid. foundation. engages with the government to ensure that new education programs put the interest of families first and work in ways that allow a marketplace to grow and thrive.

Students & Families

Education Entrepreneurs

Education programs WITHOUT Yes Foundation’s approach

Sign-up process takes hours

Approval process takes weeks to months

Users have little visibility into purchases, pending transactions, balances, etc.

Sign-up process takes hours

Approval process takes weeks to months

Entrepreneurs are forced into a pay-to-play system with slow payment processing

Education programs WITH Yes Foundation’s approach

Sign-up process should take 5 minutes or less

Approval process should be instantaneous

Families should be able to use digital wallet or credit card and have access to real-time reporting

Sign-up process should be completed digitally in less than 5 minutes

Approval process should be instantaneous

Entrepreneurs should receive instant payment and have access too real-time reporting

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading partner for states in successfully implementing family-first policies through collaboration, technical assistance, and capacity building.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every program intended to give families freedom in education is easy to sign up for, easy to use, and meets the felt needs and desires of families.

How We Help

State agencies implementing education programs lack the knowledge and incentives to prioritize a userfriendly experience for families. However, when states have access to the necessary tools and resources, they can effectively design and implement policies that improve educational opportunities for all kids.

This is where Yes Foundation comes in; we provide technical expertise to advise agencies on the best practices for program implementation.

We meet with government
agencies to explain policies and
provide lessons learned from
states with similar programs.

We provide technical expertise in the areas of procurement, software and data management, and others to assist government agencies administering programs.

We conduct research to ensure programs are easy to utilize and provide feedback to government agencies