Currently, Learn Everywhere legislation has not been introduced in Arizona. However, this page provides students and families with information about available options for earning credit for out-of-classroom learning. While Learn Everywhere allows for program providers to be approved to offer credit-bearing learning opportunities, for the programs listed below, it is the student’s responsibility to submit an application and complete the program requirements.

Academic Credit Option

Grand Canyon High School Diploma

The Grand Canyon High School Diploma is available to students who demonstrate college and career readiness in all core subject areas before they leave high school. Advancement is based on mastery, not “seat time.” Students advance when they demonstrate they have learned the material. They must prove in-depth learning, demonstrating skills with writing, analysis, and problem-solving on curriculum-based exams. The Grand Canyon Diploma is designed to accelerate educational opportunities for students. Once students have complete the requirements to earn the diploma (at the end of 10th grade, or during or at the end of 11th or 12th grade), they may enroll in a community college, remain in high school and enroll in additional courses, enroll in a CTE program on a district campus, or enroll for admission to a university under the jurisdiction of the Arizona board of regents.