Currently, Learn Everywhere legislation has not been introduced in California. However, this page provides students and families with information about available options for earning credit for out-of-classroom learning. While Learn Everywhere allows for program providers to be approved to offer credit-bearing learning opportunities, for the programs listed below, it is the student’s responsibility to submit an application and complete the program requirements.

Academic Credit For Out-of-Classroom Learning

Independent Study

Independent study is an alternative education program that addresses individual student needs and learning styles. The model allows students to complete their academics outside the traditional classroom setting. Independent study courses are required to be taught under the supervision of a teacher with a relevant subject-matter credential. They must also follow the district-adopted curriculum, and work is governed by a written agreement signed by the student, the supervising teacher and parent.

Independent study is open to any student, K – 12, and traditionally have served child actors in the TV or film industry, aspiring Olympic athletes, exceptional students who want to accelerate faster than their districts can provide, or students who have been bullied. Students continuing their studies while traveling have also used independent study for credit.