Student Driven Initiatives

Currently, Learn Everywhere legislation has not been introduced in Delaware. However, this page provides students and families with information about available options for earning credit for out-of-classroom learning. While Learn Everywhere allows for program providers to be approved to offer credit-bearing learning opportunities, for the programs listed below, it is the student’s responsibility to submit an application and complete the program requirements.

Academic Credit for Out-of-Classroom Learning

Options for Awarding Credit Towards High School Graduation

District and charter school boards may adopt policies authorizing credit for the following activities provided the activities incorporate the applicable state content standards:

  • Courses taken through an accredited community college, or 2 – or 4 – year college;
  • Voluntary community service;
  • Supervised work experience which meets educational objectives of the student;
  • Independent study;
  • Distance learning courses;
  • Courses taught by a teacher certified in the subject being taught and a demonstration of mastery of the competencies of the course.

Academic Credit for Community Service

Student in grades 9-12 who perform at least 45 hours of voluntary community service for 2 semesters shall receive 1 Delaware Volunteer credit. The credit may be counted as an elective for graduation requirements if the service is approved by, and conducted under the supervision of, the school principal. To qualify for the credit:

  • Volunteer community service shall not be performed during the hours that the student is required to be in attendance at school;
  • Volunteer community service shall be performed only with an organization or project whose name has been submitted to a school guidance counselor by the Delaware Office of Volunteerism or the Department of Education; and
  • Volunteer community service shall not be of a political or advocacy nature.