Extended Learning Opportunities

Maine allows for students to earn credit for their outside-the-classroom learning.

Extended learning opportunities emerged in Maine out of grassroots efforts to offer credit bearing out-of-school opportunities for students to develop life and career skills and give students more flexibility and choice in fulfilling school-based requirements. Extended learning opportunities are not structured or regulated by the state and vary significantly across districts in scope and access.

Who can provide extended learning opportunities in Maine?

A wide range of community partners are eligible.

Which students are eligible?

Secondary school students attending public schools.

Who should I contact in order to offer a program?

Extended learning opportunities are reviewed and vary on a district-by-district basis. Contacting your local school district administrator can help you access available opportunities.

What is an example of a Learn Everywhere program in action?

In New Hampshire, the Learn Everywhere program allows Seacoast United to offer student athletes physical education credit through their participation in various team sports.