Currently, Learn Everywhere legislation has not been introduced in Maryland. However, this page provides students and families with information about available options for earning credit for out-of-classroom learning. While Learn Everywhere allows for program providers to be approved to offer credit-bearing learning opportunities, for the programs listed below, it is the student’s responsibility to submit an application and complete the program requirements.

Academic Credit For Out-of-Classroom Learning

Experience for Outside of the School

In addition to earning credits during the regular school day and year, credits may be earned, at the discretion of the local school system, for actual time spent in a work study, job entry training, or other experiences when identified as an integrated part of a planned study program. Work or experience outside the school must be approved and supervised by the local school system. Not more than nine elective credits toward graduation may be earned.

Credit Through Examination

Credit toward graduation may be earned by passing an examination that assesses student proficiency of local school system curricular objectives based on Maryland State Standards.

Academic Credit for Community Service

A student must either complete 75 hours of student service or complete a locally designed program in student service that has been approved by the state Superintendent.