Currently, Learn Everywhere legislation has not been introduced in Michigan. 

Below are some FAQs from providers in states with existing Learn Everywhere legislation. Contact your state legislator to inquire whether Learn Everywhere legislation is being considered in your state. Generally, once legislation has passed, and rules, if required, have been implemented, becoming a Learn Everywhere approved provider requires a simple and free application.

What is the Learn Everywhere program?

Learn Everywhere is a program designed to capture the learning that is already taking place through student participation in programs outside of school. Learn Everywhere creates a pathway for students to apply that learning toward meeting the minimum standards for graduation.

Do I need to change my existing program?

No, Learn Everywhere seeks to capture the learning that is already taking place at existing programs.

Do instructors need to be credentialed?

No.  Learn Everywhere creates a framework to engage experienced workers in their respective professions, such as engineers teaching students about engineering, math and physics; artists engaging students on the stage and in the studio; and entrepreneurs opening up the world of business to students.

How does the Learn Everywhere affect school funding?

Learn Everywhere does not affect school funding. Schools will continue to be funded under the current formulas. Learn Everywhere does not require the school to create any new programs or administrative supports. Students who complete a Learn Everywhere program will receive a certificate from the participating program. The certificate is in turn provided to the student’s school by the student so that credit can be awarded.