Learn To Earn Act

Mississippi may allow for students to earn credit for their outside-the-classroom learning.

Who can provide extended learning opportunities programs?

Under the Act, eligible entities include nonprofits, businesses with established locations in the state, trade associations, parents, teachers, and school personnel.

Which students are eligible?

Students in grade 9 through grade 12.

What type of credit can be obtained?

Elective credits can be awarded.

Who approves provider applications?

There is a two-part approval process.

  1. The provider application must be approved by the local school board in accordance with the local Extended Learning Opportunity policy.
  2. An approved application must be submitted to the Office of Career and Technical Education for review and final approval by February 1. The Office has 90 days to review and respond to all applications submitted. If approved, the program may be implemented the following school year.

What is an example of a Learn Everywhere program in action?

In New Hampshire, the Learn Everywhere program allows Seacoast United to offer student athletes physical education credit through their participation in various team sports.