Missouri has one private school choice program: a tax-credit education savings account program.

Missouri provides K–12 students and their families several types of school choice, including one tax-credit education savings account program, charter schools, magnet schools, homeschooling and public school choice via open enrollment.

Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

  • The Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program is a tax-credit education savings account (ESA) that allows eligible parents to receive funding to pay for tuition at the school of their choice, as well as other educational expenses such as tutoring, educational therapies, individual classes and extracurricular programs. Individuals and businesses may receive tax credits for donations to educational assistance organizations (EAOs), nonprofits that administer ESAs.
  • Enacted 2021

Program Rules:

    • Income Limit: 200 percent of the federal reduced-price lunch income threshold ($98,050 for a family of four in 2021-22) (non-special needs students)
    • Prior Year Public School Requirement: Yes, with exceptions 
    • Geographic Limit: Charter government counties and cities with >30,000 residents
    • Enrollment Cap: None
    • Account Deposit Cap: $6,375
    • Testing Mandates: State test or Nationally norm-referenced tests
    • Credit Value: 100 percent
    • Per Donor Credit Cap: 50 percent of tax payer’s liability
    • Total Tax Credit Cap: $25 million (adjusted annually for inflation up to $50 million)

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