North Dakota

Educational Opportunities
with Sponsoring Entities
NDCC 15.1-07-35
NDAC 67-19-04

School districts or governing boards of nonpublic schools may adopt a policy to allow students to earn course credit through education opportunities that take place outside the school building through a sponsoring entity.

Which students are eligible?

Students enrolled in grades six through twelve.

Who can be a program provider?

Entities that may submit proposals to offer educational opportunities include for-profit and nonprofit organizations, trade associations, and parents of a student, teachers, or administrators that partner with a school district or governing board of a nonpublic school.

Who approves provider proposals?

There is a two-part approval process. If approved by local school board or governing board of a nonpublic school, the proposal must then be submitted to the North Dakota K-12 Education Coordination Council for review and to the superintendent of public instruction for approval prior to implementation.