North Dakota

Educational Opportunities
with Sponsoring Entities

Who can be a program provider of educational opportunities with sponsoring entities?

Entities that may submit proposals to offer educational opportunities include for-profit and nonprofit organizations, trade associations, and parents of a student, teachers, or administrators that partner with a school district or governing board of a nonpublic school.

Which students are eligible?

Students enrolled in grades six through twelve.

What information needs to be included in the provider proposal?

  • Name and information the sponsoring entity
  • Course title for each course provided
  • State course code number for each course provided Licensed Teacher of record employed by the district or non-public school who approved the proposal
  • Assurance that the course meets state content standards
  • Statement of how students will demonstrate proficiency and be evaluated

When must proposals be submitted?

For the 2022-2023 school year, the proposal, local policy, and school board meeting minutes documenting the approval of both the policy and proposal, must be submitted to the Department of Public Instruction between January 23 and February 1, 2022 or between May 23 and June 1, 2022. Thereafter, documentation must be submitted between October 23 and November 1, or between May 23 and June 1, of the proceeding school year.

Who approves provider proposals?

There is a two-part approval process. If approved by local school board or governing board of a nonpublic school, the proposal must then be submitted to the North Dakota K-12 Education Coordination Council for review and to the superintendent of public instruction for approval prior to implementation.