South Carolina

Currently, Learn Everywhere legislation has not been introduced in South Carolina. However, this page provides students and families with information about available options for earning credit for out-of-classroom learning. While Learn Everywhere allows for program providers to be approved to offer credit-bearing learning opportunities, for the programs listed below, it is the student’s responsibility to submit an application and complete the program requirements.

Academic Credit For Out-of-Classroom Learning


Teachers and schools seeking to provide personalized learning experiences for students tailored to meet differing educational needs, environments and interests may seek flexibility. School districts may request and use flexibility to facilitate academic success.

Districts may submit a proficiency-based, system-wide application to the South Carolina Department of Education. A proficiency-based application should be completed for any school using a proficiency based system for initial credit, credit through prior knowledge, or credit recovery. Schools with grades 9–12 may award credit for locally designed subject area courses if aligned with current state academic standards, and approved by the local board of trustees.  Courses must then be approved by the State Superintendent of Education.