Unfortunately, a Learn Everywhere program is not available in your state.

Your state does have some limited options available for earning credit from out-of-classroom learning.

Unlike Learn Everywhere policies that allow for approved program providers to offer course credit, the programs listed below require the student to submit an application and complete specific program requirements. Students will need to contact their school district administrator in order to take advantage of this program(s).

Academic Credit for Out-of-Classroom Learning

Academic Credit for Community Service

While this is NOT a state program, the Credit by Choice Program in the Anchorage School District is designed to give high school students the opportunity to choose enriching learning experiences tailored to their personal educational needs and to have them recorded on their high school transcript. There are eight course program titles: Educational Travel; Correspondence Course; College Course Work; Early College Admission; Credit by Examination; Community Service; High School Credit for Middle School Courses and Immersion Courses; and Basic Training. Depending on the Course Program, elective credit or curriculum area credit may be awarded.


  • Students must have prior written approval of their parents and the Principal.
  • A certificated staff person must sponsor and/or supervise the student’s program.
  • The Anchorage School District sets standards for issuing credit/waivers.
  • Course Program registration is recorded upon program completion therefore, the Course Program is not included for calculating eligibility for full-time student status.
  • The grade received is incorporated into the student’s high school grade point average (GPA).

More information: https://www.asdk12.org/Page/12472

To find out when Learn Everywhere programs may become available in your state, please complete the below form.