Unfortunately, a Learn Everywhere program is not available in your state.

Your state does have some limited options available for earning credit from out-of-classroom learning.

Unlike Learn Everywhere policies that allow for approved program providers to offer course credit, the programs listed below require the student to submit an application and complete specific program requirements. Students will need to contact their school district administrator in order to take advantage of this program(s).

Academic Credit for Out-of-Classroom Learning

A student may earn credit upon the completion of an apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship program registered with the Florida Department of Education.

Academic Credit for Community Service

District school boards may develop guidelines to award up to one-half elective credit to students who complete a minimum of 75 hours of nonpaid voluntary community or school service work. Credit may not be earned for service provided as a result of court action. School principals are responsible for approving specific volunteer activities.

To find out when Learn Everywhere programs may become available in your state, please complete the below form.