Unfortunately, a Learn Everywhere program is not available in your state.

Your state does have some limited options available for earning credit from out-of-classroom learning.

Unlike Learn Everywhere policies that allow for approved program providers to offer course credit, the programs listed below require the student to submit an application and complete specific program requirements. Students will need to contact their school district administrator in order to take advantage of this program(s).

Academic Credit for Out-of-Classroom Learning

Supplemental Course Academy/Course Choice Program

The Course Choice Program provides public school students a variety of on-line and face-to-face approved courses provided outside the traditional school setting. Approved providers offer courses that are aligned with The Louisiana Academic Standards and are designed to provide a clear path for students to gain the proficiency required. The program gives school districts and public schools a minimum program allocation related to the cost of high school credit courses.

To find out when Learn Everywhere programs may become available in your state, please complete the below form.