Unfortunately, a Learn Everywhere program is not available in your state.

Your state does have some limited options available for earning credit from out-of-classroom learning.

Unlike Learn Everywhere policies that allow for approved program providers to offer course credit, the programs listed below require the student to submit an application and complete specific program requirements. Students will need to contact their school district administrator in order to take advantage of this program(s).

Academic Credit for Out-of-Classroom Learning

Work-based Learning Programs

A student enrolled at a public school must be allowed to apply one or more credits toward the total number of credits required for graduation from high school if the student successfully completes the number of hours in a work-based learning program required by regulation of the State Board to earn such credits. Any credits earned for successful completion of a work-based learning program must be applied toward the pupil’s elective course credits and not toward a course that is required for graduation from high school.

Academic Credit for Community Service

High school students who successfully complete an approved community service project may apply one elective credit toward the total number of credits required for graduation. A student may not receive credit for the completion of a community service project if the project duplicates a course of study in which the student has received instruction.

To find out when Learn Everywhere programs may become available in your state, please complete the below form.