New Hampshire

Learn Everywhere Program
RSA 193-E:2-a, V(b)
N.H. Admin. R., Ed 1400 (2020)

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New Hampshire’s Learn Everywhere program shall allow for students to earn credit for out-of-classroom learning.

Which students are eligible?

Any public K-12 student is eligible. Public high school students are eligible for credit.

What type of credit can be obtained?

Core and Elective credits can be awarded.

Who can be a program provider?

Any for-profit or non-profit entity that offers educational programs that meet minimum
standards for approval to grant credit leading to graduation.

Who approves program applications?

A program approval committee (appointed by the Commissioner of Education) performs the
initial review of the provider application. If the application passes review, it must be submitted
to and approved by the State Board of Education. Initial approval is for one year. The applicant
may submit a renewal application and, if approved, the State Board may issue a 5-year renewal.

How does a student obtain credit?

Upon successful completion of an approved program, a student will be issued a completion
certificate. Students may earn high school credit leading to graduation in the area enumerated
on the certificate.

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