Tennessee shall allow for students to earn credit for their outside-the-classroom learning.

Tennessee allows “Extended learning” which means an out-of-classroom learning experience that allows for experiential learning through approved off-campus educational opportunities.

What is extended learning?

“Extended learning” means an out-of-classroom learning experience that provides a student with:

  • Enrichment opportunities outside of a classroom;
  • Career readiness or employability skills, including internships and
    apprenticeships; or
  • An out-of-classroom educational opportunity approved by the state board or host LEA;

Who can become a provider?

A business, industry, educator, nonprofit entity, for-profit entity, trade association, branch of the United States armed forces, LEA, charter school, charter management organization, institution of higher education, or state agency that is approved by the state board to offer individual courses in person or online and that is included in the listing of providers in the course access catalog.

Which students are eligible?

Information coming soon.

Additionally, the programs listed below require the student to submit an application and complete specific program requirements. Students will need to contact their school district administrator in order to take advantage of this program(s).

Academic Credit for Community Service

Students may earn credit for the career and technical education course “Success Skills through Service Learning”.