Building more diverse schools, for more diverse kids.

Embracing All Talent

“Under the standardization covenant, talent is not rare by empirical fact. Talent is rare by institutional decree.”

- L. Todd Rose

Make a difference for the kids in your community.

Our purpose is simple to express. We exist to facilitate a conversation; one that’s already going on quietly in many communities across America. We bring parents, students, and teachers together to unlock the extraordinary potential of every kid. 

By unlocking the constraints of a rigid education system, we usher in a system of radical transformation; where teachers are free to build the educational experiences that are custom-tailored to their students’ needs and students are free to choose the appropriate school that helps them to realize their own potential. Our purpose is quite simply to not transform education but to free education to be transformed by those who hold the stakes. 

yes. every kid. foundation. is devoted to the belief in a system that values each and every kid for their unique abilities and interests.

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It’s time to unlock the extraordinary potential of every kid.