Edupreneur Support Program Terms & Conditions

The Edupreneur Support Program (ESP) is a non-profit program operated by yes. every kid. Foundation. (Yes Foundation), a 501(c)(3) public charity. The ESP is designed to advance Yes Foundation’s overall mission to realize a transformed education environment where every child and family can access the educational opportunity that best meets their needs and that contributes to a free market in education. Learn more about the mission of the Yes Foundation at

We encourage any individual who is providing individualized educational services to children that contributes to a free market in education to support our efforts by becoming an ESP member. By submitting a questionnaire to or requesting information from the ESP, you agree to a free ESP membership, which may be canceled by you or us at any time, in accordance with the terms and conditions below.   

ESP members are granted access to ESP resources and staff to assist members to advocate for themselves as they navigate regulatory pathways and address regulatory barriers that they may encounter as they start and sustain unconventional learning environments. The scope of services provided by the ESP is at the sole discretion of the ESP. 

The Yes Foundation is a public charity and not a private law firm. The ESP endeavors to maintain accurate and up to date information and to respond promptly to member requests for information. ESP members should always seek specific legal advice and representation from an attorney licensed in their state, particularly for important and timely matters that demand urgent attention or that are of significant financial consequence.  

  1. The Yes Foundation is not a for-profit law firm or an insurance program. Members are not guaranteed any legal services or representation. Membership in the ESP does not create an attorney-client relationship. 
  1. If there is ever a situation in which an attorney-client relationship might be necessary to support an ESP member, Yes Foundation will not enter into that relationship without your express consent and acknowledgment. 
  1. Membership in the ESP is non-transferable and non-assignable. Membership is effective upon submitting a questionnaire or request for information to the ESP. The ESP reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time and for any reason.  
  1. Membership in the ESP provides access for the member to ESP resources and staff for the purposes described herein and any support or information provided is at the sole discretion of the ESP. Members may access information and request support from ESP staff at any time. The ESP may send helpful information to members at various times. 
  1. Yes Foundation will keep ESP members’ information confidential unless members give Yes Foundation express written consent to share members’ information with a third party. But ESP members are not clients of or otherwise represented by Yes Foundation, and ESP membership does not create an attorney-client relationship between members and Yes Foundation. Information or support provided by ESP staff to members or on behalf of members is for educational purposes unless otherwise agreed upon between members and Yes Foundation. 
  1. ESP memberships are renewed annually but may be canceled at any time by ESP or the member. 
  1. In keeping with the Yes Foundation mission, ESP services are available to families and education entrepreneurs who are providing individualized educational services and support to their own children or to the children of families enrolled in their educational programs and which contribute to a free market in education. 
  1. Membership support is generally not available for issues relating to or arising from legal entitlements related to enrollment in conventional education settings or with respect to disputes arising between private parties. 
  1. ESP membership helps support Yes Foundation’s efforts and growing community of families and education entrepreneurs, and membership access to ESP resources and staff is only for the benefit of current members. 
  1. Yes Foundation reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of ESP membership at any time. If there is any material change to these terms and conditions, we will announce the change on the Yes Foundation website or, at our discretion, email you notice of the change(s).