Helping governments and education providers implement family-first programs that advance education freedom.

What We Do

Our expert consultants collaborate with governments and their partners to deliver programs that put families first and allow a thriving marketplace of learning opportunities for all kids. We are free, nonprofit, and nonpartisan.

What We Offer

Program Development & Strategy

Specializing in the analysis, design, and program launch that integrate policy and rule review, vendor management, and strategic insights to meet administrative and family needs.

Capacity Building & Operational Support

Offering custom resources and consultation that ensure a program is easy to use, easy to sign up for and meets the needs of families.

Research & Evaluation

Bring to bare the latest research and timely information to ensure every program we work with has the latest and most innovative resources to make informed decisions that have maximum impact.

Our approach is that every program intended to give families freedom in education is easy to sign up for, easy to use, and meets the felt needs and desires of families.

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