Gran⁠t⁠s – Reques⁠t⁠s for Proposals

yes. every kid. foundation. (Yes Foundation) is a 501(c)(3), which accepts grant proposals that will change culture, advocate for families in policy implementation and design, or defend families and innovative education entrepreneurs. Yes Foundation is particularly interested in proposals that will remove policy or regulatory barriers for more families to access the education opportunities best for them.

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Please submit your inquiry to info @ with the following criteria:

  • The name of your organization and non-profit status.
  • Your name and contact information.
  • A one-to-two page abstract of the project on behalf of your organization. The abstract should provide sufficient details for reviewers to assess the nature and feasibility of the idea.
  • A brief, itemized budget.
  • Final projects should be original and meet the highest standards of their field.

Funding levels are commensurate with the requirements of the research or project and the potential to advance an understanding of critical issues.

*yes. every kid. foundation. does not accept proposals for funding schools, which falls outside the scope of our mission. Please review our website for the latest blog posts, market research, and legal resources.