Abou⁠t⁠ Us

Our Vision

Each child is different and deserves access to programs, services, courses, and schools that are designed to meet their unique interests and aptitudes. The goal is not to standardize children: it is to allow every kid to discover, develop, and apply their talents to realize their full potential.

Our Mission

We are devoted to unlocking the extraordinary potential of every kid. We promote education that empowers families, helps implement bottom-up solutions, and advances education freedoms.

Meet the Team

Andrew Clark


Craig Hulse

Executive Director

Erica Jedynak

Chief Operations Officer

Matt Frendewey

Vice President of Strategy

Michael Donnelly

Vice President

Tyler Gay

Director of Operations

Heidie Nesset

Director of Policy Operations

Andrew Nelms

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Lauren Hodge

Director of Foundational Education

Tiffany Coleman

Staff Attorney

Lynn Swanson

Legal Policy Counsel

Tamara Luce

Edupreneur Support Program Coordinator

Aiden Fleming

Deputy Director of Policy Operations

Alice Kerce

Policy Analyst

Danielle Treviño

Director of Communications

Nick Murray

Public Affairs Manager

Kim Davenport

Business Operations Specialist

Renee DiAlesandro

Executive Assistant