Destroying the myth of an average kid.

Dedicated to the unique needs of individual students and creating a system to see them all thrive.

It’s time we demand a system free of arbitrary constraints, built to accommodate our diverse kids. It’s time we empower our expert educators. It’s time we respect the dignity of each and every kid. It’s time for a revolution in education.

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Make a difference for the kids in your community.

In the ideal, public education inspires curiosity, creativity, and the motivation to contribute and add value to our communities. We imagine a world wherein the educational system is crucial to a kid’s self-discovery and self-actualization; wherein freedom of choice is partnered with diverse and individualized pathways; wherein schools promote mastery, help students excel, and foster a transformative experience for each and every kid. 

That system must be undergirded by an infrastructure that promotes and values each, individual kid. Simply put, we cannot thrive with a system built to accommodate an average kid… one that simply doesn’t exist. Instead, we need to bring together kids, families, and educators to revolutionize education from the ground up.

yes. every kid. foundation. is devoted to the belief in a system that values each and every kid for their unique abilities and interests.

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Today’s schools are built to measure progress in terms of minimum proficiency. Student’s interests and aptitudes aren’t factored into the equation and they’re left lacking motivation and failing to realize even a fraction of their potential.

We imagine a system where students receive an education that prepares them for lifelong learning, where they continuously develop and apply their aptitudes to create value for others. These students will see a customized educational pathway, deployed by an empowered teacher, and will develop a growth mindset.

Today’s schools are aimed at a mythical “average.” Uniform and standardized, they resist change and fail to adapt to ever-evolving needs. Worse still, they’re built to reinforce the worst sorts of sorting and ranking mechanisms in society, ultimately contributing to violence, bullying, and mental health challenges. 

We imagine a dynamic and transformative education sector; one rich with choices and individualized pathways constantly evolving to meet the needs of our ever-changing world. Competition and the open exchange of ideas underpin an inclusive environment fostered by empowered teachers. 

Today’s schools are structured to provide top-down solutions, mandated from on high. Rigid structures and institutions stand in the way of progress and flexibility needed to provide a custom-tailored educational experience for each and every kid. 

We imagine a system built to benefit everyone; where teachers are given the value and power they deserve and the diversity and individuality of students is respected. Successful educators and schools embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and create value in the lives of their students. This system would see students, families, and educators working together to develop mutually beneficial solutions. 

Today’s schools are restrictive and inequitable in the worst of ways. They restrict access to educational options by something as arbitrary as home address. It’s this sort of unequal access that reinforces and perpetuates poverty, lacking social mobility, and the impacts of segregation. 

We imagine a system built around true equality, where students of all backgrounds and area codes have access to the best of education options. Equitable funding is attached to the kid as they find the perfect educational option for their needs. Rights to choose the right fit are protected as foundational to the equality of the system.

We need to develop people rather than process them.

- L. Todd Rose