It’s time to unlock the extraordinary potential of every kid.

yes. every kid. foundation. promotes a bold vision of transforming education in America with a family-first approach, advocates for families in policy implementation and design, and defends families and innovative education entrepreneurs.
We believe every kid is capable, is worthy of respect, and deserves educational opportunities that treat them with dignity, foster the free movement of ideas and promote self-actualization.

Make a difference for the kids in your community.

Education should inspire curiosity, creativity, and the motivation to contribute and add value to one’s community. We imagine a world wherein education is crucial to a kid’s self-discovery and self-actualization, wherein freedom of choice is partnered with diverse and individualized pathways.

We need to bring together kids, families, and educators to revolutionize education from the ground up.

Join the Revolution in Education

It’s time we empower our students, parents and educators. It’s time we respect the dignity of each and every kid. It’s time for a revolution in education.