Edupreneur support

The yes. every kid. foundation. legal team helps education entrepreneurs, such as those starting new learning environments or those managing existing environments, such as learning pods, microschools, hybrid schools, and homeschool co-ops. We provide support to help edupreneurs overcome regulatory hurdles and provide guidance on how to structure their business. 

Please note that yes. every kid. foundation. Edupreneur Support does not offer legal advice. Our focus is to provide encouragement, insight, and information on navigating regulations and statutes impacting your work. 

How we help 

We help edupreneurs think through and overcome these common challenges and more: 

  • Education laws: Compulsory attendance, private school laws, homeschool laws 
  • Site-related challenges: Fire, health, safety; zoning; childcare regulations 
  • Understanding business formation: Nonprofit, for-profit, organization type, employee classification 

Get free help today by reaching out to us. Together, let’s make a difference in providing tailored educational opportunities to every child.


“We received quality information and guidance from Mike regarding several business questions we had. He was clear and prepared for our call. We finished our conversation equipped with the knowledge we needed to make our next step.”
-Katie S., Kansas

“The Yes Legal team provided invaluable insights, including state contacts for non-profit formation and the benefits involved, such as access to food programs and grants….Their support was instrumental, and I’m grateful for the clarity they provided in navigating this transition.”
~ Kendra E., Texas

“The team at YESF was amazing! Very responsive, so kind and compassionate and a wealth of factual information.”
-Teece N.

Our Work

We are available to assist edupreneurs in all US states or territories. We do not conduct legal work, such as drafting contracts, filing paperwork for establishing non-profit/for-profit corporations, or drafting bylaws; we guide edupreneurs in identifying attorneys to conduct this type of legal work.

Click below to read about specific barriers our team has helped edupreneurs overcome.

  • How onerous rules block innovative learning models

    How onerous rules block innovative learning models

    Nature-based learning environments have gained immense popularity in Florida and other states as they offer a unique and engaging approach to education. These environments encourage children to step outdoors, stay active, and explore and understand their natural surroundings while blending learning with play. Whether it’s mommy-and-me programs, preschool initiatives, or K-12 education, nature-based settings provide … Read more Read more

  • When is an Independent Contractor Really an Employee?

    When is an Independent Contractor Really an Employee?

    Periodic reviews of staff classifications will help avoid conflict with a recent federal labor rule change How Does the New Labor Rule Affect My Business? As an education entrepreneur, you’re not just creating a business, you are impacting the lives of children and families in a very personal and profound way. Navigating a complex regulatory … Read more Read more

  • Edupreneur Support: Navigating Building Codes and Local Ordinances

    Edupreneur Support: Navigating Building Codes and Local Ordinances

    Growing an unconventional learning environment can come with challenges but there are pathways to ensure a new learning environment thrives. As an education entrepreneur (edupreneur), you’re not just shaping physical spaces; you’re crafting platforms for growth, empowerment, and meaningful connections. Of course, at the forefront of your venture is ensuring the safety and well-being of … Read more Read more

  • Transforming Challenges into Triumphs for a Florida Microschool

    Transforming Challenges into Triumphs for a Florida Microschool

    Building an unconventional learning environment for his local community in South Florida, Joshua, an educational entrepreneur, faced a significant hurdle. Struggling against the complexities of legal and bureaucratic rules and regulations, Joshua was faced with circumstances that could potentially jeopardize the viability of his learning environment. Thankfully, by reaching out to the Edupreneur Support team … Read more Read more

  • Edupreneur Support: Business Licensing and Registration

    Edupreneur Support: Business Licensing and Registration

    If you or someone you know is starting or building an unconventional learning environment and facing this question, contact Yes Foundation’s legal team to submit a request for free, personalized support today. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate legal structure for your unconventional learning environment (ULE), the next step is formalizing its status. This may involve registering … Read more Read more

  • Edupreneur Support: Understanding Tax Implications

    Edupreneur Support: Understanding Tax Implications

    Choosing the legal structure of your unconventional learning environment (ULE) isn’t just about management and liability; it can affect your tax obligations. The intricacies of tax laws mean that your ULE’s tax and legal classifications may not always align. For instance, being a nonprofit corporation doesn’t automatically grant you federal tax-exempt status – this requires … Read more Read more