Edupreneur Support

Education entrepreneurs are the future of education. We believe in you.

We want to help you to succeed.

We help edupreneurs think through and overcome these common challenges and more:

“We received quality information and guidance from Mike regarding several business questions we had. He was clear and prepared for our call. We finished our conversation equipped with the knowledge we needed to make our next step.”
~ Katie S., Kansas

“The Yes Legal team provided invaluable insights, including state contacts for non-profit formation and the benefits involved, such as access to food programs and grants….Their support was instrumental, and I’m grateful for the clarity they provided in navigating this transition.”
~ Kendra E., Texas

“The team at YESF was amazing! Very responsive, so kind and compassionate and a wealth of factual information.”
~ Teece N.

More Resources for Edupreneurs

We are available to assist edupreneurs in all US states or territories.

Click below to read about specific barriers our team has helped edupreneurs overcome this year.

yes. every kid. foundation. is developing tools, information, personalized support, and other resources to help education entrepreneurs (edupreneurs) who deliver individualized educational opportunities to children. We are excited about serving this dynamic and growing movement.

We help edupreneurs overcome barriers in starting or maintaining unconventional learning environments that provide tailored educational opportunities to meet the unique needs, interests, and learning preferences of every kid.

Please note that yes. every kid. foundation. Edupreneur Support does not offer legal advice. Our focus is to provide encouragement, insight, and information on navigating regulations and statutes impacting your work.