Fund Every Kid: A State-by-State Breadown 


Students & Families: What Educational Choice Programs are Available in your State?


5 or more programs AZ, WI, OH, FL
3 or more programs NH, IN, NC, MS, LA
2 programs UT, AR, TN, OK, SC, IA, PA, IL, MN, AL, GA
1 program VT, SD, MO, WV, KS, MD, RI, KY, MT, VA, NV, ME
No programs CO, ID, DE, MI, CA, NM, TX, CT, WA, AK, NE, NY, MA, NJ, WY, ND, HI, OR


Fund Every Kid.

Fund Every Kid.

Instead of a transparent process that evaluates and funds student needs, education funding is an opaque process that few understand, and even fewer find effective. It is time to update unfair and outdated funding systems that focus on everything except what kids need to succeed. Funding systems should provide more funding to students with greater needs, reduce geographic and per-student inequities, and foster innovation so that providers can offer solutions that meet student needs

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