Edupreneur Support: Understanding Tax Implications

Choosing the legal structure of your unconventional learning environment (ULE) isn’t just about management and liability; it can affect your tax obligations. The intricacies of tax laws mean that your ULE’s tax and legal classifications may not always align. For instance, being a nonprofit corporation doesn’t automatically grant you federal tax-exempt status – this requires … Read more

Parents Believe School Choices Benefit All Students   

If policymakers care about improving education, listen to parents   By Matt Frendewey, Vice President of Strategy at yes. every kid. foundation.   As the 2024 election season ramps up, education will remain a hot-button issue. While blaring education headlines indicate a political divide among politicians, there’s another side to the story. In fact, there is consensus … Read more

Edupreneur Support: Business Formation

Traditionally, families looking for unconventional learning opportunities for their kids have been drawn to homeschooling, but the recent national explosion of unconventional learning environments (ULEs) marks a significant shift in educational paradigms, opening a new frontier of personalized learning experiences for children at a scale never seen before. As an educational entrepreneur (“edupreneur”), you’re at the … Read more

Reimagining Arizona’s ESA Program: Empowering Parents & Ensuring Accountability

Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program is at a crossroads. Serving over 70,000 students, the program empowers families with funding they can direct for their kids’ diverse educational needs, including private schooling and online programs. A new report from Common Sense Institute Arizona and yes. every kid. foundation. suggests that it’s time for significant changes … Read more

West Virginia families benefit from recent changes to HOPE Scholarship program  

Last month, West Virginia’s Hope Scholarship Board approved several changes to how families interact with the state’s education freedom lifeline. State Treasurer Riley Moore, who serves as Chairman of the Hope Scholarship Board, put forward the rule changes to make it more flexible for families.  Hope Scholarship empowers every family in West Virginia with an … Read more