yes. every kid. foundation. recommendations heeded by Oklahoma regulator overseeing universal education tax credit

In early October, the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) sought public input on its proposed rules for the state’s new Parental Choice Tax Credit. The universal, refundable tax credit is available to families who choose to educate their kids outside of their local public school, providing up to $7,500 per student for families who choose approved … Read more

yes. every kid. foundation. speaks up for Arizona families at ESA hearing

In May, Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma and Minority Leader Andres Cano agreed to create an “Ad Hoc Committee on Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Governance and Oversight.” The committee was tasked with gathering information from “experts, parents, and the public about the structure and functions of an appropriate governance and oversight body” over the state’s Empowerment … Read more

A Kid’s Perspective on No More Lines 

Imagine a world where a child’s educational journey is not determined by their ZIP code—where the boundaries of their learning are not confined to arbitrary lines on a map. This is the concept of No More Lines policies. It is a topic that is reshaping the landscape of education.   In this blog, we’ll take a … Read more

No More Lines: An Interview with Kelley Williams-Bolar

Christina Garrett, No More Lines fellow and productivity coach for busy moms, sat down with Kelley Williams-Bolar, also a No More Lines fellow, educator, and mother, to discuss Kelley’s story of being jailed for simply enrolling her children in a nearby public school. The conversation covered the impact of Kelley’s struggle to simply enroll her … Read more

Breaking Boundaries: A Parent’s Perspective on No More Lines

by: Tennille Caulfield The practice of assigning kids to public schools based on their zip code (and by extension, their family’s wealth) and has long played a role in shaping the way families navigate their children’s educational journey. It perpetuates barriers for families in many ways. Yet, as our society becomes more dynamic and interconnected, … Read more

A Bold New Future for Education

by Kelley Williams-Bolar, No More Lines Fellow When I was a kid, I watched Star Trek and was fascinated by the technology, little did I know that in my lifetime, I’d have the ability to talk to my family on FaceTime much like Captain Kirk could speak to Dr. Spock. Sadly not everything has evolved, … Read more

Op-Ed: ‘Public’ Schools That Aren’t Public

Far from being open to all, admission is restricted by arbitrary district lines. By Keri D. IngrahamFirst published in The Wall Street Journal on August 8, 2023 Teachers unions and education bureaucrats hail public schools for being open to all children while condemning private schools for limiting access. But most “public” schools aren’t public at all. In most … Read more

OP-ED: Bring school choice to the public system

by Keri D. Ingraham, No More Lines Fellow, yes. every kid. The following piece was first published by the Washington Examiner as a part of their Restoring America series. This year has already been dubbed the “year of universal educational choice,” with the total number of states with universal or near-universal educational freedom laws climbing … Read more

Meet No More Lines Fellow Kelley Williams-Bolar

yes. every kid. foundation. is excited to announce the inaugural class of No More Lines Fellows. These fellows will bring their experience and voice to raise awareness about the injustice of families being barred from accessing public schools that work best for their children.   In the coming weeks, we will highlight each of our fellows … Read more