Kansas has one private school choice program, a tax-credit scholarship.

Kansas offers K–12 students and their families some types of school choice, including a private school choice program, charter schools, magnet schools, home schooling and inter-district public school choice via an open enrollment policy.

Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program

  • Kansas offers tax credits to individuals and businesses supporting scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs), nonprofits that provide private school scholarships to students from low-income families. This is Kansas’ first school choice program.
  • Enacted 2014

Program Rules:

    • Income Limit: 185 percent x Poverty
    • Prior Year Public School Requirement: Yes
    • Geographic Limit: None
    • Enrollment Cap: None
    • Scholarship Cap: $8,000
    • Testing Mandates: None
    • Credit Value: 70 percent
    • Per Donor Credit Cap: $500,000
    • Total Tax Credit Cap: $10 million

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