How does your state rank for open enrollment?

A recent report from Reason Foundation found that only 11 states have mandatory open enrollment laws, while 26 states allow public schools to charge tuition to public school transfer students.

“In the United States, school assignments are determined by families’ residences, casting unseen dividing lines in communities throughout the country. These government-imposed district boundaries or catchment zones divide communities, sorting children—often by wealth or ethnicity—into schools based on where they live. Many are unaware of these divisions until they realize that access to certain public schools often comes down to where you live.”

The study also identified five best practices for open enrollment:

  1. Mandatory Cross-District Open Enrollment
  2. Mandatory Within-District Open Enrollment
  3. Transparent Reporting by the State Education Agency (SEA)
  4. Transparent School Capacity Reporting
  5. Children Have Free Access to All Public Schools

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