Majority of Arizona Voters Support Education Savings Accounts

A new poll found that school choice and Education Savings Accounts (ESA), in particular, are broadly popular in Arizona.  The poll conducted by WPA Intelligence on behalf of yes. every kid. foundation. found that over three-quarters of parents (78%) and almost two-thirds of non-parents (62%) support ESAs.  When voters were informed of efforts to kick … Read more

A Bold New Future for Education

by Kelley Williams-Bolar, No More Lines Fellow When I was a kid, I watched Star Trek and was fascinated by the technology, little did I know that in my lifetime, I’d have the ability to talk to my family on FaceTime much like Captain Kirk could speak to Dr. Spock. Sadly not everything has evolved, … Read more

New Georgia Survey: Education a Critical Issue Facing the State

In a new survey, 92.5% of Georgia voters and 96.9% of Georgia parents said K-12 education was an important issue facing the state.  While a majority of parents expressed satisfaction with their child’s education, nearly 90% indicated a strong interest in supplementing their child’s educational experience by combining additional courses and learning opportunities, such as … Read more

Op-Ed: ‘Public’ Schools That Aren’t Public

Far from being open to all, admission is restricted by arbitrary district lines. By Keri D. IngrahamFirst published in The Wall Street Journal on August 8, 2023 Teachers unions and education bureaucrats hail public schools for being open to all children while condemning private schools for limiting access. But most “public” schools aren’t public at all. In most … Read more