yes. every kid. foundation. speaks up for Arizona families at ESA hearing

In May, Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma and Minority Leader Andres Cano agreed to create an “Ad Hoc Committee on Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Governance and Oversight.” The committee was tasked with gathering information from “experts, parents, and the public about the structure and functions of an appropriate governance and oversight body” over the state’s Empowerment … Read more

New poll shows overwhelming majority of Tennesseans support education freedom 

A new poll in Tennessee found strong support for school choice, with three-quarters of Tennessee voters supporting school choice, and a majority – 56% – strongly in support.   When it comes to education savings accounts, nearly six-in-ten (58%) registered voters support ESAs.  Additionally, voters support expanding the state’s ESA program to all families across … Read more

A Kid’s Perspective on No More Lines 

Imagine a world where a child’s educational journey is not determined by their ZIP code—where the boundaries of their learning are not confined to arbitrary lines on a map. This is the concept of No More Lines policies. It is a topic that is reshaping the landscape of education.   In this blog, we’ll take a … Read more