New Survey Asks What Michigan Parents Value in K-12 Education

By Matt Frendewey

Michigan parents overwhelmingly endorse school choice while also expressing strong support for their local public schools. Contrary to common narratives framing this as a binary choice, recent research from the yes. every kid. foundation. reveals that 69% of Michigan families are in favor of school choice, and 68% also back their local public schools.

Specifically, regarding education savings accounts, a remarkable 75% of respondents showed support, with only 12% in opposition. This sentiment transcends political affiliations, with 74% of Democrats, 76% of independents, 74% of Republicans, and 69% of self-identified teacher union members favoring education savings accounts.

More than two-thirds (68%) of parents stated they had selected their child’s school from multiple options, and 62% expressed satisfaction with their child’s current education. Despite this, 24% are contemplating a change in schools or environments within the next year. Of those who have made such a change, 90% consider it the “right decision.”

Interestingly, while there is widespread support for choice, options, and public education, the majority of Michigan families believe the state is on the wrong track, including Independents (50% wrong track, 30% right track).

Read the poll here.

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