Parents Believe School Choices Benefit All Students   

If policymakers care about improving education, listen to parents   By Matt Frendewey, Vice President of Strategy at yes. every kid. foundation.   As the 2024 election season ramps up, education will remain a hot-button issue. While blaring education headlines indicate a political divide among politicians, there’s another side to the story. In fact, there is consensus … Read more

Majority of Mississippians support more education freedom in the Magnolia State

A new statewide poll in Mississippi finds that almost 8 in 10 (79%) voters support school choice, with 63% strongly in support. Support is high across the political spectrum: Republicans-84%, Independents-80%, Democrats-73%. In addition, Mississippians support education savings accounts (ESAs), with almost three-quarters (73%) expressing support, and a near majority (49%) expressing strong support. Moreover, … Read more

New poll shows overwhelming majority of Tennesseans support education freedom 

A new poll in Tennessee found strong support for school choice, with three-quarters of Tennessee voters supporting school choice, and a majority – 56% – strongly in support.   When it comes to education savings accounts, nearly six-in-ten (58%) registered voters support ESAs.  Additionally, voters support expanding the state’s ESA program to all families across … Read more

Landmark poll: Americans believe expanding freedom strengthens education

Nearly two-thirds of parents believe additional options will improve education system in first-ever national poll  Arlington, Va. — Americans believe expanding educational freedom will improve our nation’s education system, according to a new landmark poll conducted by YouGov and released by yes. every kid. foundation. A majority of Americans surveyed — including most Democrats, Independents … Read more

New poll shows overwhelming majority of North Dakotans support education freedom 

Support was consistent across demographics.  BISMARCK, North Dakota — A new poll conducted by Arc Insights on behalf of yes. every kid. foundation. found that more than two-thirds of North Dakotans support school choice, with 41% in strong support. When it comes to Education Savings Accounts, more than six-in-ten likely voters support an ESA program in North Dakota, with high … Read more

New Survey Asks What Michigan Parents Value in K-12 Education

By Matt Frendewey Michigan parents overwhelmingly endorse school choice while also expressing strong support for their local public schools. Contrary to common narratives framing this as a binary choice, recent research from the yes. every kid. foundation. reveals that 69% of Michigan families are in favor of school choice, and 68% also back their local … Read more

Majority of Arizona Voters Support Education Savings Accounts

A new poll found that school choice and Education Savings Accounts (ESA), in particular, are broadly popular in Arizona.  The poll conducted by WPA Intelligence on behalf of yes. every kid. foundation. found that over three-quarters of parents (78%) and almost two-thirds of non-parents (62%) support ESAs.  When voters were informed of efforts to kick … Read more

New Georgia Survey: Education a Critical Issue Facing the State

In a new survey, 92.5% of Georgia voters and 96.9% of Georgia parents said K-12 education was an important issue facing the state.  While a majority of parents expressed satisfaction with their child’s education, nearly 90% indicated a strong interest in supplementing their child’s educational experience by combining additional courses and learning opportunities, such as … Read more

Louisiana families want control of their kids’ education

Fifteen years since the creation of the Louisiana Scholarship Program, a new poll finds only 30 percent of families are aware of the program. Despite the relatively low awareness, new research from Arc Insights found that 65 percent of parents support educational freedom and when asked to express what aspects of education parents want to … Read more